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A.N. Solutions is a full cycle system design house specializing in concept-to-market solution for wireless sensing technologies comprising system concept architecture, development, bring-up, manufacturing and certification for application areas demanding intelligent wireless connectivity. Offered solutions and concepts including standardized as well as proprietary wireless technologies within 169 MHz up to 2.45 GHz ISM frequency band, various integration form factors as well as application driven customization.
Specialize in IEEE802.15.4-based wireless technologies, such as 6LowPAN, ZigBee and more. A.N. Solutions developed a range of RF modules, embedded software and development tools for both Sub-1-GHz and 2.4GHz license-free ISM bands to empower quick and seamless technology implementation and customization. Thanks to our modular platform strategy, A.N. Solutions help OEMs and system integrators to roll out new products on time and on budget with no in-house RF expertise by offering reusable, highly adaptable solutions, including hardware and software. Extensive development tools portfolio as well as applicable platform extension of other existing infrastructure such as GPRS, WLAN, and Bluetooth support a fast and seamless technology adaption and integration while shorten time to market phase significantly.

Headquartered in Dresden, Germany, the A.N. Solutions team boasts years of wireless experience, adhering to the spirit of innovation and "Made in Germany" quality.


A. N. Solutions presents its new Product Brochure

A.N. Solutions Wireless Product Brochure

available for download in PDF format.

It provides a comprehensive overview about the core competencies and available key products of A. N. Solutions compressed into 4 pages.


European social fund

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The European social fund is sponsoring our company as part of the topic "Basics development of innovative system integrations in the area of wireless sensor networks/IoT (Internet of things; industry 4.0)" and "Technology integration for the development of Bluetooth- and LoRa- (Long Range) wireless systems as well as cost optimized test concepts".


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IEEE802.15.4/ZigBee RF modules, USB dongles and dev. boards, and embedded software for 2.4GHz and Sub-1GHz ISM bands

Assistance at every stage of the product development cycle – from concept to market

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