Nowadays, both the environmental concerns and the rising energy costs top the companies’ agendas around the world. The market leaders are going green by reducing the carbon footprint and implementing efficient energy management practices. You don’t need to be a multi-national to take advantage of the latest Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) technology and make your contribution to the cleaner environment, while improving your bottom line. A.N. Solutions offer easy-to-integrate wireless enabling components that can help you quickly implement an efficient energy management solution. Learn more


Automated monitoring and control solutions bring increased efficiency to the production process by expanding area coverage, dramatically reducing maintenance costs and resources, enhancing data acquisition scope and reliability, and supporting easy growth and expansion through near-limitless scalability. However, until relatively recently, the full potential of automated monitoring and control solutions was held back by wired networks’ limitations. As if wired networks’ cost-prohibitive nature – at times exceeding $100 per meter – weren’t challenging enough, wired solutions are also not feasible in many remote, hazardous or hard-to-access mission-critical locations. The advent of wireless sensor node networks makes industry executives even more acutely aware of traditional wired networks’ limitations. Learn more


The modern building is a complex combination of multiple monitoring and control systems, which all need to work together in a reliable, harmonious manner. The benefits of a building that has well-orchestrated systems are innumerable, including security, energy-efficiency, and comfort. However, achieving that golden prize of peak coordinated building performance can be demanding, considering the intricacies of building systems. Learn more


Companies that have extremely valuable on-the-go assets have a vested interest in knowing exactly where those assets are at all times. Tracking these mobile containers can be an expensive proposition that companies have no choice but to accept. Many companies use manual tracking methods that drain resources and elevate supply chain costs without delivering the best reliability. RFID represents a mobile asset management upgrade over manual methods, providing technology that not only tracks containers, but collects critical data that can be used for in-depth mobile asset analysis. Learn more


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