The modern building combines multiple monitoring and control systems, which all need to work together in precise coordination. This complex interoperation of the building’s systems yields numerous benefits, i.e. security, energy-efficiency, and comfort. However, achieving that ultimate goal of harmonious building’s operation can be challenging, and involves complex coordination of such diverse systems as:

• Lighting control
• Safety systems
• Structural integrity monitoring
• Access control
• And more

Automation is required to optimize performance of disparate systems. Conventional wired networking solutions are prohibitively expensive and unwieldy. Often they are impossible to install in hard-to-reach areas of a building.

WSN technology has the answer to building automation challenges. Low-power wireless standards, based on IEEE802.15.4, such as ZigBee, connect battery-powered wireless devices in self-organizing, self-healing mesh networks that efficiently coordinate all modern building systems operations. A.N. Solutions’ @ANY modules optimize ZigBee network benefits by combining low power with high operating range. This results in a reduced maintenance (a single sensor or actuator unit could run for over five years without a battery replacement) and fewer nodes required to cover certain area.

Intelligent Lighting Control

Management of lighting installations in a large office building is a complicated process and can lead to significant savings if done properly. Connecting multiple fixed devices into an unattended network is the way to automate and optimize this process. A.N. Solutions’ @ANY IEEE802.15.4/ZigBee RF modules allow to quickly enable a deployment of a standards-based wireless sensor network.

The limitations of a wired network made a leading Central European light technology solution provider to look for an alternative. Running cables and wires to connect lighting controls in a vast building complex had become prohibitively expensive and unreasonable when it came to accessing lighting controls in hard-to-reach places. @ANY ZigBee modules provided a cutting edge, yet cost efficient solution to this dilemma.

@ANY RF modules can be best compared to wireless networking cards for devices. They are easy-to-integrate and offer fastest-time-to-market implementation. Additionally, @ANY modules feature low power consumption and best-in-class range. Implementation of the @ANY modules-based wireless sensor network solution allowed the light technology solution provider to elevate the system’s performance to an entirely new level, improving customer satisfaction and company’s bottom line.

HVAC Monitoring & Control

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning are the vital functions of any modern building, whether it’s an office center of a private home. Traditionally, control & monitoring systems have been wired. It used to take miles of cable to put such a system in a multi-storied office building. Once in place, it would be near impossible and prohibitively expensive to rearrange. The introduction of Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) technology had changed that. New IEEE802.15.4-based standards offer reliable and far more cost-effective alternatives to conventional wiring.

A.N. Solutions provide easy-to-integrate wireless enabling components to the manufacturers of HVAC monitoring & control devices. @ANY RF modules pack impressive RF performance combined with ultra-low power consumption in a tiny size. Each module comes with embedded networking software that simplifies the commissioning of a device. There are two types of @ANY RF modules that operate in different frequency bands. @ANY2400 uses worldwide 2.4 GHz ISM band. @ANY900 operates in 868/915 MHz ISM bands. The Sub-1 GHz frequency is particularly advantageous for indoors use, because of its robust wall penetration capability. Depending on building structure and wall material, one of the @ANY RF modules should fit your application needs perfectly.


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