A.N. Solutions is a system design house offering concept-to-market wireless networking solutions for energy management, building automation, and other application areas demanding intelligent wireless connectivity. A.N. Solutions help OEMs and system integrators to roll out new products on time and on budget with no in-house RF expertise by offering easy-to-use hardware and software components. Ultra-sensitive IEEE802.15.4/ZigBee RF modules, embedded software and development tools for Sub-1-GHz and 2.4GHz license-free ISM bands enable quick and seamless technology implementation and customization.

A.N. Solutions is located in the heart of Saxony, Germany – region that rightfully earned “Europe’s Silicon Valley” name because of the concentration of hi-tech enterprises. All R&D, engineering and manufacturing at A.N. Solutions is done in Germany. All A.N. Solutions products adhere to highest quality standards and proudly carry “Made in Germany” mark.

Introduction of IEEE802.15.4/ZigBee standards offered numerous advantages of standards-based wireless sensor networks, but the actual market adoption proved to be slow. The reason was that a crucial component was missing. The wireless device manufacturers that wanted to implement the new technology had been overwhelmed by complexity. They had to source bits and pieces of the solution from various providers, having no single source.

In the beginning, the OEMs had to go wireless the hard way by integrating the chipset and the radio with antenna, which took considerable time and efforts, only to be followed by lengthy and costly certification process. This is not to mention the software customization, necessary for an efficient operation. The IEEE802.15.4/ZigBee modules entered the market packing all the circuitry, RF design and software in one easy-to-integrate package. However, the modules haven’t become a ‘silver bullet’ - each project still demanded special attention, as far as the module integration and software customization. One important component was still missing: design and customization services.

In his drive to create a design house of a new type, Thomas has brought together an exceptional team of professionals with a few decades of combined wireless systems engineering expertise, working at the wireless leaders such as Siemens, AMD, ZMD, Atmel & MeshNetics. A.N. Solutions unites specialists in both manufacturing and services, and by offering both hardware & software products and design services, this design house provides a unique value to its clients. A.N. Solutions has what it takes to bring your concept to market quickly and cost-efficiently.


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