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Brief description of the project:

Basics development of innovative system integrations in the area of wireless sensor netowkrs/IoT (-Internet of Things; Industry 4.0-)

Presentation of project objectives:

Main or prior objective of the project is the conception and development of custom specific hard- and software system solutionsin the area of wireless communication as well as the market introduction and further support and extension through the use of innovation assistents, who know in the area of wireless sensor technology the trends in research, development and economic application, can monitor and judge them and based on that can significantly drive and accelerate the system development in the company.

To that belong the following specific goals:

  • Development of standardizable algorithms / system design blocks for the planning and realization of customer- and function-specific system solutions
  • Concept development and realization of new system development standards (hardware, software, design, architecture, services) as well as their realization in system design and system architecture
  • Development of resilient system test and system erifications (configuration, process, judgement)
  • Formulation and benchmarking of sustainable system certification concepts and their timewise and commercial assessment from customer perpective
  • Competition analysis of system solutions ("SWOT analysis; strengths, weaknesses, chances and risks" in respect to the market introduction

Impacts for the company:

Possible and desired effects for the company:

  • Stabilization and extension of the market position as cross system design and development house for intelligent system solutions in the area of wireless communication in the IoT segment
  • Shaping/sharpening of the unique selling point of the company as a cross system service provider
  • Extension of the strategic target markets
  • Extension of the market position through the offering of system solutions for individual application areas and customers
  • Improvements of the competetive capabilites in a fast growing and globally developing market as a prerequisite for a long-term stable market position
  • Perspectively growing scalable turnover revenues from customer specific system solutions


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