2.4 GHz Amplified Modules for IEEE 802.15.4/ZigBee® Wireless Mesh Networking Applications

The @ANY2400 is an amplified IEEE 802.15.4/ZigBee RF module featuring internal chip antennas. Its unique RF design achieves a rare combination of the industry-leading range performance and low power consumption. The @ANY 2400 module’s small footprint of less than a square inch of space makes the integration easy, while the built-in chip antennas enables rapid design-in with no RF knowledge required.

 Key Features Benefits

Outdoor range: up to 2500m*

Best-in-class range

Battery lifetime: up to 6 Years**

Software architecture optimized for low

Software controlled RF output power

Optimum balance between Range and
Current consumption

Scalable network topology: Point-to-Point,
Star, Tree, Mesh

Flexible network options for every

Serial AT-commands for easy prototyping
and quick setup

No need to program the module

Fully matched built-in ceramic chip

Rapid design-in using minimal PCB real

256kByte data storage by additionally
build-in flash memory

Easy handling of firmware, also for large
networks and Over-The-Air-Update

     * LOS based on dedicated simulation model
    ** Tx/Rx every 5 minutes with 2500 mAh battery


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