2.4 GHz High Performance Modules for IEEE 802.15.4/ZigBee® Wireless Mesh Networking Applications

The @ANY2400SC-3 modules are designed to work with IEEE 802.15.4-based standards, such as ZigBee and 6LoWPAN and present a fully integrated solution that contains all the digital and analog circuitry required for scalable wireless networking solutions. @ANY2400SC-3 modules feature integrated Microcontroller/Transceiver, 2MBit SPI flash memory, 32 kHz Crystal, integrated power amplifier (PA) and low-noise amplifier (LNA) with a superior range characteristic due to antenna diversity feature. @ANY2400SC-3 are available with 2 different antenna combinations offering developers the ultimate design flexibility. The 2.4 GHz based modules are ideal for building and industrial automation, energy management, smart metering and other application areas, requiring leading-edge RF performance. A development kit is available on short notice as well.

 Key Features Benefits

Outdoor range: up to 2500 m (depending on selected external antenna)

Unique combination of ultra-small size and industry-leading performance

Fully integrated FEM supporting LNA & power amplifier with SW scalable output power

Cutting edge RF performance figures in transmit and receive states by design

Support of multiple antenna diversity setups by fully matched U.FL connector and integrated chip antenna

Allowing application adjusted designs for reaching best in class connectivity figures

Scalable network topology SW stack, incl. AT-based API

Ultimate design flexibility and upgradeability

Ultra low-power consumption in all operation modes

Optimized system battery lifetime

256kByte built-in Flash memory

Local data capturing and Over-the-Air-Updates (OTAU)

CE, FCC and RoHS compliance

Simplified product manufacturing


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