2.4 GHz Amplified Modules for IEEE 802.15.4/ZigBee® Wireless Mesh Networking Applications

Versatile Development Board with Sensors

The BRICK Development Board is based on @ANY2400SC-3 RF module. Each board contains JTAG connector for on-board programming, status LEDs for indicating different function stages, switches for reset and individual programming, as well as an integrated temperature sensor, a UID chip and a USB interface. The BRICK development board provides ultimate flexibility throughout the evaluation & development process, up to the final product design phase. The board can be powered by batteries, via USB or mains power.

AT-ANY-2400-SC-3 Brick development board contains:

  • AT-ANY-2400-SC-3-1 or SC-3-2 module, based on Atmel's ATmega128RFA1 single-chip solution

  • Integrated USB interface

  • mJTAG programming & debugging interface

  • Reset button and programmable push button

  • Programmable LEDs

  • Integrated UID chip

  • Integrated LM73 temperature sensor

  • Full access to all module interfaces via pin-connector

  • Self-sustaining operation with 2 AAA batteries

  • Pre-programmed with SMS Base example


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