The @ANY900-1 and @ANY900-2 are the ultra-low power 802.15.4/ZigBee RF modules for Sub-1-GHz ISM band. The tiny modules feature an exceptional sensitivity of -110 dBm that results in the line-of-sight range of up to 500m for @ANY900-1. Featuring the built-in chip antenna, the @ANY900-1 module presents a fully integrated solution for the system integrators and OEMs. @ANY900-2 module's U.FL connector allows more flexibility to the developers who can use different external antennas, depending on a particular application. Both modules eliminate the need for costly and time-consuming RF development, and shorten time to market for a wide range of standards based wireless products. Learn more

@ANY900 Dongle is the convenient USB extension for easy access to mobile & portable devices for the monitoring & control of wireless network systems. @ANY Dongle make the integration easy, while the built-in chip antennas enable rapid design-in, with no RF knowledge and the added benefit of the ubiquitous USB interface. A variety of USB Dongles is available, based on different @ANY RF module models. Learn more

The BRICK Development Board is based on @ANY 900/2400-series RF modules. Each board contains JTAG connector for on-board programming, status LED’s for indicating different function stages, switches for reset and individual programming, as well as integrated temperature sensor. The BRICK development board provides ultimate flexibility throughout the evaluation & development process, up to final product design. The board can be powered by batteries or mains power. A variety of BRICK Development Boards is available, based on every @ANY RF module model. Learn more

@ANY DESIGN Development Kits are the comprehensive toolsets enabling easy design, prototyping and deployment of wireless IEEE802.15.4/ZigBee solutions, using Adaptive Network Solutions’ @ANY product platform. There is a separate kit available for every @ANY RF module model. The development kits provide the developers with everything they need to create market-ready wireless systems and applications, while mastering the intricacies of WSN technology. The kits feature support of third party applications, convenient reference drivers, as well as APIs for UART, I2C, ADC, and 1-wire peripherals. @ANY DESIGN kits support the intuitive development environment from Atmel, including embedded debugging feature using Atmel JTAG in-circuit debugger. The JTAG programming interfaces facilitate design of custom applications. Learn more


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