Development Board for IEEE 802.15.4/ZigBee® Wireless Mesh Networking Applications

The Brick Development Board is a self-contained sensor node containing @ANY 900/2400 modules and possessing their RF characteristics. There is a different BRICK board available for each @ANY RF module model. The board features JTAG connector for easy on-board programming, status LED’s, reset and programmable buttons, allowing to program individual functions. The BRICK board also has integrated temperature sensor for reference purposes. The board is powered by two AA batteries or mains power supply.

This versatile development board gives developers an utmost flexibility all the way to the final stages of design. BRICK’s easy configuration allows running different network topologies in order to determine which suits application demands the best. It also allows seamless upgrades at a later stage. Further enhancing the flexibility during evaluation & development phases, all connections of @ANY modules are fully functional and could be easily utilized. These vital functions allow a maximum flexibility for a developer.


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