@ANY Smart Mac Suite (SMS) Pro is an advanced version of SMS Base.

SMS Pro implements support for data broadcasting and full function device capabilities. It has a built-in frame redirection feature, that can be used to forward data to different network nodes. Using the latter feature allows to create tree networks without host intelligence. Different routing algorithms that are not in the scope of the SMS toolchain can be provided as part of customer-specific extensions. Please read more in Customization section.

SMS Pro features the following unique extensions & characteristics:

"Free Devices" are supported, enabling tree network topology

Broadcasts (point-to-multipoint transmissions) supported

Direct data transmission (acknowledged or unacknowledged) supported

Indirect data transmission supported

Frame redirection supported

UART speed can be defined by customer

More example applications included

48 hours guaranteed response time

"Free Devices" allow to form more complex network structures. While SMS Base supports Point-to-Point and Star networks, the availability of "Free Devices" in SMS Pro enables the setup of more advanced multi-hop tree-structured networks.

Illustration of the IEEE 802.15.4 tree topology
tree network

In order to facilitate & capitalize the advantages of Smart MAC Suite (SMS) Pro, the software can be purchased for a one-time licence fee. For inquiries, please contact us at

Feature comparison chart:

Feature SMS Base SMS Pro
Peer-to-peer network Yes Yes
Star network Yes Yes
Tree network No Yes
Frame redirection No Yes
Temperature Sensor support Yes Yes
GPIOs (8 in/output lines, 2 lines for input and event trigger) Yes Yes
Sleep mode Yes Yes
Data transmission (direct / indirect) Yes Yes
Data transmission (acknowledged) Yes Yes
Data transmission (unacknowledged, broadcast) No Yes
Bootloader Yes Yes
Library version No Yes
Vendor support No Yes

Download Flyer as PDF

Please make an inquiry to purchase the Smart Mac Suite (SMS) Pro software

Download the documentation: SMS Command Reference in PDF format

SMS Profiler for easy web-based EEPROM content generation

To monitor the underlying IEEE 802.15.4 activities, a 30 day free evaluation version of the IEEE 802.15.4 Protocol Sniffer Software from Perytons Ltd. can be obtained at


Create your own EEPROM configuration data for use with SMS software

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