A.N. Solutions' @ANY2400 ZigBee/IEEE802.15.4 USB Dongles to join the list of Perytons Analyzer Supported Front-Ends

Perytons and A.N. Solutions announced today the addition of A.N. Solutions' @ANY2400 ZigBee/IEEE802.15.4 USB dongles to the Perytons Analyzers supported list of front-end devices. The @ANY2400 USB dongles will join the A.N. Solutions' @ANY900 dongles, which are already supported by the Perytons Analyzer single channel SubGHz model, the Peryton-SG.

The 'name of the game' is to provide our customers with the flexibility they require when using front-ends for capturing data and still the capability of utilizing a professional analysis tool that will shorten their development and time to market." said Rubi Elbirt - VP Business Development and International Sales of Perytons Ltd. "The incorporation of AN Solutions' @ANY2400 dongle in our list of supported was a natural next step after the successful experience we have had using AN's @ANY900 dongles for SubGHz networks with our Peryton-SG, and we are happy to continue cooperating between the companies" - Rubi added.

"We provide the Perytons Analyzer free evaluation software as part of our development kits for Sub-1 GHz, and now that the @ANY2400 is also supported, we will integrate it as part of the kits for the 2.4GHz band," said Thomas Lerm, CEO of A.N. Solutions GmbH. "We can now address requests from our customers for a professional analysis tool when working on their 2.4 GHz networks. Along with our professional design services, this will provide even more value for our clients, and help fulfill our one-stop-shop philosophy more effectively."

The @ANY2400 USB Dongles can be used with all Perytons Analyzer Peryton-S models that have data capturing capabilities for single channel capture of 2.4 GHz Networks.

For a detailed list of the Perytons Analyzer models supported with each of the front-end devices, visit the Perytons website at http://www.perytons.com/Hardware.html.

About A.N. Solutions

A.N. Solutions is a full cycle system design house specializing in concept-to-market wireless networking solutions for energy management, building and industrial automation, and other application areas demanding intelligent wireless connectivity. Thanks to our modular platform strategy, A.N. Solutions help OEMs and system integrators to roll out new products on time and on budget with no in-house RF expertise by offering reusable, highly adaptable solutions, including hardware and software. We specialize in IEEE802.15.4-based wireless technologies, such as 6LowPAN, ZigBee and more. A.N. Solutions developed a range of RF modules, embedded software and development tools for both Sub-1-GHz and 2.4GHz license-free ISM bands to empower quick and seamless technology implementation and customization. Headquartered in Dresden, Germany, the A.N. Solutions team boasts years of wireless experience, adhering to the spirit of innovation and 'Made in Germany' quality. For more information visit http://www.an-solutions.de.

About Perytons

Perytons is a leading provider of analyzers for standard and proprietary communication protocols. For wireless and wire-line networks 'Network Visibility™' is critical for quicker time to market, improved product quality, reduced post release expensive support and higher customer satisfaction. Perytons professional solutions provide developers, implementers and field engineers with the best analysis and operation networks monitoring tools, combining advanced feature sets with rich and yet intuitive interfaces. Its offering is built for customization, allowing the support of proprietary protocols. For more information, please visit www.perytons.com.


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