A.N. Solutions Unveils World's First IEEE 802.15.4/ZigBee® Module with Multiple Antenna Diversity


The @ANY2400SC-3 2.4 GHz RF module is the first to feature multiple antenna diversity modes, which significantly improves data transmission reliability and provides superior connectivity.

A.N. Solutions, a leading system design house, announced today its new @ANY2400SC-3 IEEE 802.15.4/ZigBee RF module for 2.4 GHz license-free ISM band. The ultra-small module is the first to feature multiple antenna diversity modes, which significantly improves data transmission reliability and provides superior connectivity. The module's exceptional receiving sensitivity, high range, low power consumption and a footprint of just over two square inches makes @ANY2400SC-3 a unique offering in the market. The tiny modules enable quick and efficient solutions for energy management, building and industrial automation and other wireless sensing and control applications.

"Ensuring reliable connectivity over maximum distances with uninterrupted data transmission is a critical design factor for many applications" said Mr. Thomas Lerm, CEO of A.N. Solutions GmbH. "Our latest module can deliver just that like never before, thanks to its built-in multiple antenna diversity feature complemented by a leading-edge RFMD 6555 front-end-module with integrated LNA/PA amplifiers. Now developers can use @ANY2400SC-3 modules and take their wireless system's reliability to a whole new level. Moreover, our engineering team is always there to help optimize the design and assist at every step of the product life cycle."

@ANY2400SC-3 modules present a fully integrated standards-based solution that contains all the digital and analog circuitry required for tiny wireless devices and eliminates the need for in-house RF expertise. @ANY2400SC-3-1 module with a fully matched ceramic antenna and a U.FL connector is ideal for limited space applications when used with PCB and/or patch antenna, while @ANY2400SC-3-2 with two U.FL antenna connectors enables rapid design-in, using different external antennas for every application. These two antenna options offer developers the ultimate design flexibility.

Both @ANY2400SC-3 modifications are designed to work with IEEE 802.15.4-based standards, such as ZigBee and 6LoWPAN. The 2.4 GHz RF modules are ideal for building and industrial automation, energy management, smart metering and other application areas, requiring high RF performance. @ANY2400SC-3 modules feature integrated 2MBit SPI flash, 32 kHz XTAL, integrated power amplifier and low-noise amplifier with bypass that results in a superior range of up to 2500 m. The range can be modified by use of software adjusted power output which optimizes the total power consumption at the system level. For its advanced antenna diversity feature, the modules utilize the sophisticated front end module (FEM) RF 6555 from RF Micro Devices.

Pricing & Availability

Precision-manufactured in Germany, the @ANY2400SC-3-1 and @ANY2400SC-3-2 RF modules are available immediately in sample quantities and can be ordered online at http://www.an-solutions.de/webshop at 28 euros apiece. Volume discounts apply. Please inquire for details. Product documentation can be downloaded at http://www.an-solutions.de/products/2_4_ghz/2400_zigbee_modules.html. @ANY DESIGN development kits will be available in the first quarter of 2012. Each kit will contain three @ANY2400SC-3-based BRICK development boards, a USB dongle, a JTAG programming adaptor and a set of external antennas, as well as software and documentation CD-ROM. In addition, A.N. Solutions provides Smart MAC Suite (SMS) networking software that allows easy control of @ANY platform's functionality via AT commands supporting all IEEE 802.15.4-based functions, as well as facilitates the addition of numerous custom features. A.N. Solutions continues to offer a wide range of RF design and customization services covering all stages of product life cycle. For more information on A.N. Solutions' products and services, please visit http://www.an-solutions.de.

About A.N. Solutions

A.N. Solutions is a versatile system design house specializing in concept-to-market wireless networking solutions for energy management, building automation, and other application areas demanding intelligent wireless connectivity. A.N. Solutions helps OEMs and system integrators to roll out new products on time and on budget with no in-house RF expertise by offering easy-to-use hardware and software components. Ultra-sensitive IEEE 802.15.4/ZigBee RF modules, embedded software and development tools for Sub-1-GHz and 2.4GHz license-free ISM bands enable quick and seamless technology implementation and customization. Headquartered in Dresden, Germany, the A.N. Solutions team boasts years of wireless experience, adhering to the spirit of innovation and "Made in Germany" quality.


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