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Wireless Design by Experts

For over 10 years, A.N. Solutions, a full cycle system design house, has been bringing concept-to-market solutions for wireless sensing technologies comprising system concept architecture, development, bring-up, manufacturing and certification for application areas demanding intelligent wireless connectivity. We offer solutions and concepts including standardized as well as proprietary wireless technologies within 169 MHz up to 2.45 GHz ISM frequency band, various integration form factors as well as application driven customization.


A.N. Solutions provides expert consulting and dedicated services, covering a complete design cycle – from concept to market. We make sure that a client clearly understands the differences in technologies and respective implementations, helping to avoid known pitfalls. We offer on-demand expert services that can be tapped at any stage of the product development cycle.

Design of electronics with customer specific behaviour
Concept Engineering

Taking your idea to market

RF Network analyzer and oscilloscope for measurements
Software Development

Creating reliable software components

Adaptive network solutions, measurements, Keysight, laboratory, temperature sensor
Hardware Development

Developing hardware for IoT applications

Tracking root cause of RF emissions on a PCB with near-field measurements
Product Certification

Supporting product and system certification

Wireless transmission range measurements
Sensor-Actuator Integration

Implementing specialized sensing hardware

Industries & Solutions

A.N. Solutions will support you at every stage of designing, testing and deploying a robust wireless sensing or IoT solution for a wide range of industries and application areas by helping to choose the right technology, and providing the building blocks and engineering services.

Industrial Automation Industrial Automation

Automate your mission critical industrial processes using industrial-grade rugged and reliable wireless sensing systems designed and powered by A.N. Solutions.

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Automotive & Transport Automotive & Transport

Optimize warehouse processes, improve automotive manufacturing, locate and monitor shipping containers and their contents globally with WSN and IoT technologies.

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Smart Buildings Smart Buildings

Bring intelligent control and monitoring systems into residential homes and commercial buildings, and cut operational costs, by introducing smart wireless connectivity.

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Smart Energy & Metering Smart Energy & Metering

Optimize energy consumption by introducing smart energy management and climate control systems using wirelessly connected electricity, heat, and water meters.

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Smart Supply Chain Smart Supply Chain

Turn your supply chain into an integral part of Industry 4.0 and increase the operations efficiency with intelligent IoT wireless sensor technology from A.N. Solutions.

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Medical & Healthcare Medical & Healthcare

From smart medical equipment to individual health monitoring devices to fitness trackers, A.N. Solutions has all the necessary expertise and wireless sensor technology.

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Agriculture Agriculture

Tackle the challenges of modern agriculture and farming by designing and deploying smart wireless systems for monitoring and control of crops and livestock.

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Smart Cities & Environment Smart Cities & Environment

Make the Smart City vision a reality by creating and implementing smart wireless and IoT solutions for connected mobility, parking automation, traffic control, and more.

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Smart Mining Smart Mining

Revamp your open-pit or underground mining operations by introducing the cutting-edge IoT wireless technology for efficient data harvesting, monitoring and control.

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Sports & Entertainment Sports & Entertainment

Reinvent the stage performances, sporting events, and trade shows with the use of smart wireless and IoT solutions that significantly increase safety and efficiency.

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Life Sciences and Pharmaceutical Life Sciences and Pharmaceutical

Explore rugged and reliable wireless IoT solutions for some of the most regulated industries with a capability to operate in harsh environments and extreme temperature range.

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Product Overview

Distilling years of experience in wireless design, A.N. Solutions developed a comprehensive line of Sub-1GHz and 2.4GHz products. They come in different form factors, and greatly simplify the application development and customization.

@ANY2400-SC-3-2 BRICK board with integrated sensors for easy application development using IEEE 802.15.4 2.4 GHz @ANY2400-SC-3-2 IoT modules
2.4 GHz Hardware

RF modules and development tools for 2.4GHz band

@ANY900ARM-SC-3 USB Dongle high security plug-and-play USB gateway with exceptional RF characteristics for IEEE 802.15.4 wireless networks based on @ANY900ARM-SC-3 RF module for European, Chinese, Japanese, and North American Sub-1 GHz band
Sub-1 GHz Hardware

RF modules and development tools for Sub-1GHz band

A.N. Solutions' Smart Mac Suite Base (SMS) Base embedded software tool for development of simple network topologies for IoT devices, based on IEEE802.15.4 standard
Embedded Software

Robust embedded software for wireless applications


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