ATMOSENSE is an intuitively customizable sensor system for location-independent measurement data acquisition, primarily focused on humidity, dew point and temperature measurements in buildings.

Target Application

The objective is the continuous monitoring of critical characteristics in buildings during the construction phase and later used for the timely detection of thermal bridges, leaks and other problems in building physics, which can lead to serious damage to the building fabric, loss of use and limitation of possible warranty claims.

The AtmoSense Platform operates autonomously and, due to the wireless radio data exchange between the battery-powered sensors, allows an almost unlimited range of applications, even installations in the most difficult places of the building structure are possible.

The system includes size-optimized, battery-powered, robust measurement sensors ("nodes"), a powerful gateway for data acquisition and processing, and the ability to access data via various networks such as WiFi, Bluetooth or Ethernet.

The intelligent design of the measurement sensor technology is designed for the implementation of customer-specific expansion for the acquisition of other relevant measurement data and physical quantities.

The Platform Approach Consists of

  • Compact design with a form factor of 65 x 35 x 11 mm
  • Powerful, replaceable battery for up to 3 years life
  • IP40 splash-proof housing
  • Low-power sensor for precise measurement data acquisition for temperature, humidity and dew point
  • Embedded 2.4 GHz radio data technology for robust and reliable network coverage
  • Tuned antenna design provides maximum range
  • Internal data storage for individual operating modes
  • Continuous, application-specific customizable data exchange with ATMOSENSE infrastructure
  • The in-house radio module ensures interference-free communication with the ATMOSENSE Nodes
  • The network, initially equipped with ten ATMOSENSE Nodes, is individually expandable
  • Webserver with browser-based analysis tool Grafana for measurement data processing
  • Accurate analysis of the measurement data of each individual node
  • Individually customizable to the use case
  • Pre-installed database with direct access
  • Network connectivity to Bluetooth, WiFi and Ethernet
  • Browser-based configuration tools help to set up the network
  • Interface to ATMOSENSE app
  • Specially developed app for measurement data processing.
  • Synchronizes with the database of the ATMOSENSE gateway
  • Lists all ATMOSENSE nodes
  • Lists all measurement data from each individual ATMOSENSE Node
  • Analyzing past measurement data
  • Display of temperature, humidity, dew point, connection quality and battery status

Preset Network:

  • Powerful gateway with SQL database and ANS own radio module
  • Data evaluation on PC possible using Grafana globally
  • Data evaluation directly via the in-house Android app using WiFi
  • Base set supports up to 10 pre-configured ATMOSENSE nodes

Options for desired Extensions:

  • Alternative support for 868/915 MHz band possible
  • Browser-based configuration interface for each Node
  • Browser-based configuration interface for the gateway
  • Add more ATMOSENSE nodes independently
  • Wall mount bracket

Use Cases

Initial design of the ATMOSENSE platform is for building monitoring during the construction phase and warranty period. The users are builders, developers, construction companies, landlords and tenants who use this platform approach to secure any warranty claims and defect rectification as a result of excessive moisture loads and resulting consequential damage, but also as proof of adequate ventilation.

At the same time, the data recorded over various periods can be used to optimize the heating system and thus reduce heating costs, including an improved climate balance.

Further areas of application for the monitoring of environmental parameters exist in the fields

  • Museums, which currently still work with static loggers, which cause a high manual support effort and do not allow an immediate response
  • Animal park, terrariums with sensitive environmental requirements
  • Commercial use in warehouses, workshops for sensitive and perishable goods

as well as other areas that require defined environmental conditions or where defined environmental characteristics may only change within a certain range.

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