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A.N. Solutions will take you from concept to market

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Concept Engineering

Do you want to create a new wireless product that will revolutionize your industry? We can help you start from the very beginning, conceptualize your idea, and guide you through the entire process, so that you avoid known pitfalls and get the product to market on time and on budget.

Scope of Services

  1. Consulting
    • Demand analysis and determination of key design criteria
    • Technology sourcing and feasibility analysis
    • Development and drafting of technical specification
    • Design review for hardware, firmware, software, productization, and certification
  2. Product Development
    • Individual, customized solutions
    • Standard solutions, such as module-based designs
    • Selection of a suitable EMS partner
    • Development of application-optimized product test suites
  3. Product Optimization/Extension
    • Feasibility studies
    • Optimization of link quality and coverage
  4. System Optimization:
    • Precise ultra-low-power energy budget profiling by leading-edge KeySight measurement tool chain
    • Antenna design and optimization
      • Measure radiation pattern and adjust performance within final design, while taking into consideration the enclosure and environmental conditions
      • Utilizing the nearfield antenna measurement analyzer, EMScan RFX63, and anechoic chamber
  5. Transfer into Production
    • Selection and qualification of suitable EMS partner
    • Coordination and supervision of the New Product Introduction (NPI) process
    • Coordination and supervision of the Ramp-up phase

Application Criteria To Be Considered

  • Application form factor (size, weight)
  • IP protection classes according to EN 60529
  • Environmental conditions such as temperature range, coverage, LoS
  • Power consumption for target appliances, including batterie life time and mode of operation
  • System’s commissioning and installation
  • Service and maintenance aspects
  • Proper wireless network topology in view of coverage, latency, and energy budget constraints
  • Regulation constraints, including target regional compliances
  • Interoperability among standardized networking protocols and/or profiles
  • System security at different layers such as CSMA/CD, AES, and beyond
  • System performance characteristics such as radiation pattern, energy budget, and more
  • Scalability and upgradeability, considering aspects such as bootloader, OTA, and flexible antenna frontend options
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