Many projects have non-standard requirements for various parameters, as well as defined system constraints, such as network size, data throughput, latency, range, power consumption, and a number and type of sensors. When existing standard solutions cannot address the specific application scenarios, a custom approach is the way forward.

A.N. Solutions has an extensive in-house expertise, complemented by a large partner network. It allows us to determine, design, and implement a tailored wireless network system solution that fits perfectly even the most challenging of scenarios. A.N. Solutions already mastered numerous challenges in hardware and software design, and continues to expand its capabilities.
To provide maximum design flexibility, we work with the following software stacks as an option and a starting point for customization efforts on top of A.N. Solutions offerings:

  • Microchip/Atmel MAC for IEEE802.15.4-based solutions.
  • Microchip Atmel BitCloud® for Zigbee PRO-based solutions including provided profiles & applications.
  • 6LoWPAN solutions with Contiki OS.
  • Proprietary software for specific requirements.

In parallel, A.N. Solutions helps their customers to maximize the usage of available hardware resources by enabling specific sensors & actuators (for example using ATMega TWI), additional GPIO lines, ATMega AD/DA features, or different UART baud rates as part of software customization services.

Over the last decade, the A.N. Solutions team gathered a wealth of experience of integrating and optimizing WSN technology into various customer projects successfully.

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Software Modules

A.N. Solutions' Smart Mac Suite Base (SMS) Base embedded software tool for development of simple network topologies for IoT devices, based on IEEE802.15.4 standard

@ANY SMS Base offers some basic functionality and is designed for simple network topologies and evaluation purposes.

@ANY Smart Mac Suite (SMS) Pro customizable embedded networking software tool, based on IEEE 802.15.4 standard, for IoT devices

@ANY SMS Pro allows the development of complex applications and supports tree network topologies.

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