New Health and Fitness Applications with Wireless Networks

The Internet of Things (IoT) promises to revolutionize healthcare and change the face of health and wellness. New wireless networks may serve to free up time for physicians, such as when self-monitoring devices reduce the need for patients to schedule appointments for check-ups. Such sensors may also provide additional motivation for individuals looking to improve their health and monitor common health conditions, such as high blood pressure, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. IoT can be utilized within emergency rooms but may also empower the individual to take control of their health and achieve desired wellness objectives.

Smart Medicine for a Growing Population

With current predictions estimating global population growth reaching 9.6 billion* in only a few short decades, it is important to learn how IoT can be harnessed to meet new challenges, such as making quality healthcare accessible in underserved regions, improving patient outcomes while addressing larger workloads, and helping the average person stay healthy and reach fitness or wellness goals. How can wireless networking be used to help individuals improve their health and assist healthcare organizations in better serving their patients?

Intelligent sensors for medical purposes

Equipment Management Automation and Monitoring for Hospitals

Physicians, private practices and hospitals will need to meet the health and medical challenges faced by growing populations. Wireless technologies can assist in controlling environmental parameters, and monitoring patient status, providing invaluable backup for busy nursing staff, helping address changes automatically while providing potentially life-saving alerts.

Wireless blood pressure measurement device

Our powerful @ANY hardware and software platforms, along with the customization services, allows to build unique wireless solutions that can be implemented with a range of features, enabling measurements and monitoring of room conditions and patient status, offering alerts to staff when data fails to be within an acceptable range. Real time information provided can be used to avert serious health complications and reduce unnecessary delays when it comes to receiving essential medical services.

Use of wireless networking technologies may serve to improve health outcomes and patient care, depending on the specifications and parameters included within the A.N. Solutions-powered devices for the Operating Room (OR), Intensive Care Unit (ICU), Emergency Room (ER) or other hospital department. One current usage of such cutting-edge technology is that of implementing sensor technology in system tables to make for safer and more efficient patient care. Specialized sensor solutions in system tables can be used for:

  • Collision monitoring;
  • Accurate patient positioning;
  • Overload tracking; and
  • Creation of safer working conditions in the OR.

Wireless networking technologies can be beneficial in a range of interdisciplinary applications and make room usage more flexible, heightening uptime and improving profitability for any healthcare organization.

Tracking Automation to Improve Athletic Performance

Female athlete with device

Athletes are looking to enhance their performance and IoT in the form of wearable trackers may be used for locating, tracking and recording multiple athletes simultaneously. Real time data is provided to a cloud network which will seamlessly transmit the latest updates to chosen user-friendly interfaces. The number of sensors needed will depend upon both the length and environmental conditions of a selected track. This is only one of the applications in which wireless sensors and networking may be used to provide the latest data to coaches, athletic departments and more.

Such technology can be a true boon for colleges and universities looking to take the performance of their athletes to the next level, and can assist athletic departments and sports teams in understanding the nuances which may be hindering the performance of one or more athletes on the track or on the field.

Sensor Technology in Homes and Care Facilities

The quality of life may be improved for vulnerable populations, as wearable sensor technology may be used to assist dementia patients with routine tasks, helping them feel more independent, while providing necessary real time data through home monitoring. Customized solutions powered by A.N. Solutions may be used for home monitoring of the aging and those with serious health conditions. Expect to see a growing demand for consumer healthcare products utilizing sensor technology, allowing for automatic and remote monitoring, as well as assistance for those with one of more health conditions.

Get Vital Control, Monitoring and Flexibility with A.N. Solutions

Finger with wireless pulse oximeter

A.N. Solutions brings customized hardware and software applications to healthcare organizations, sports teams, and more. Products built using our @ANY hardware and software platforms provide real time data to users, and can be applied on a variety of surfaces, making it possible to use existing surfaces and systems without extensive alterations. Clients benefit from tailored solutions which:

  • Enhance data collection for improved athletic performance or patient monitoring;
  • Transmit information securely and wirelessly through networks to designated interfaces;
  • Allow for automated adjustments to address changing conditions;
  • Are energy-efficient with long-lasting batteries; and
  • Have minimal maintenance requirements.

Our wireless hardware components in combination with software and software services will help you build products to suit changing needs of health and wellness providers or organizations that are easy to install and use. Do you want to reduce your overhead and increase profitability while making quality healthcare a continued priority? Are you looking to utilize IoT technologies to monitor or improve athletic performance? Contact A.N. Solutions for more details on applications to suit your specific needs today.

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