A.N. Solutions Helps Its Client's Transition from a Wired to a Wireless Industrial Monitoring and Control System

A.N. Solutions enables a successful transition from a wired to a wireless system for an operator of complex industrial machinery with a proprietary monitoring system using a set of wired sensors.

Picture of a production site where IIoT systems can be used

Wireless Monitoring and Control System Offers Significant Cost Savings

Our client operates complex industrial machinery and uses a proprietary monitoring system with a set of wired sensors. By monitoring vital parameters and transmitting data to the central server, the system enables predictive maintenance in order to minimize the machine downtime and improve operational efficiency.

The monitoring system was inflexible and expensive to operate. Unwieldy cables make it difficult to place the sensor nodes in the hard-to-reach spaces and in the vicinity of the rotating parts and mechanisms. Proprietary communication protocols limit the data collection software upgrade options as well as the overall system’s flexibility. Going wireless and incorporating the standard communication protocols was the way to overcome the system’s limitations and improve its efficiency, while reducing the operating costs.

A.N. Solutions performed a successful transition to a wireless monitoring solution. The results were impressive:

  • Significant cost reductions:
    • Quicker installation
    • Optimized predictive maintenance
      • Reduced machine downtime
      • Breakdown avoidance
    • Remote diagnostics and troubleshooting
    • On-demand service, training and consulting
  • Intuitive setup, easy reconfiguration and scalability:
    • Compact wireless extensions connect to the legacy sensor units
    • Wireless nodes can be easily placed even in hard-to-reach spots
    • The entire system can be reconfigured and expanded in minutes
    • Self-organizing mesh networks quickly adapt to the changes
  • Reliable real-time monitoring and control of the machinery:
    • Robust and stable wireless data transmission
    • Online and mobile data access
    • Automated data recording for preselected parameters
    • Preprogrammed commands on the nodes

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