A.N. Solutions Enables Smart Mining Applications with Reliable Wireless Connectivity

A.N. Solutions provides reliable wireless connectivity for underground and open-pit mines. Read the recent article in Africa Mining Insight magazine about A.N. Solutions' smart mining expertise.

Africa Mining Insight's Articles Explores Reliable Smart Mining Solutions

Africa is one of the key mining regions of the world. Its underground and surface mines produce large amounts of iron ore, cobalt, chromite, copper, nickel, zinc, platinum, gold, diamonds, uranium, and many other important minerals. Africa’s leading mining companies can all benefit from IoT technologies by making their operations more efficient and safer for both workforce and environment, while improving their bottom line.

The article starts with an overview of how smart sensors can cut operational costs and improve productivity in both underground and open-cast mines. It then explains how the sensor network operate. Next, the article focuses on the unique A.N. Solutions' expertise such as dump truck load management, environmental condition monitoring, subsidence and erosion surveillance, and more.

A.N. Solutions has been building ATEX compliant solutions and designs capable of operating in the -85°C to 145°C temperature range, which far exceeds IP67 requirements. combining in-depth knowledge of wireless protocols, such as IEEE 802.15.4/Zigbee, 6LowPAN, and LoRa, and their compatibility, with all aspects of connectivity and device management, network security, and sensor data acquisition, A.N. Solutions experts will provide step-by-step guidance.

You can download a copy of the article here.

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