Smart Parking Solutions: Important Caveats and Value Proposition for Parking Lot Operators

European cities face a tough challenge. Increasing number of vehicles and not enough parking space. Smart parking infrastructure is the solution. In this recorded webinar session, Thomas Lerm explores how IoT technology reinvents the parking management by introducing scalable and easy-to-implement solutions. View the recording at

Learn How IoT Technology Can Reinvent Parking Management by Introducing Efficient, Scalable and Easy-to-Implement Solutions

As the number of registered vehicles keeps growing, the parking challenges in German cities abound. Combined with the outdated parking systems and rising car ownership, the increasingly limited parking spaces and proliferation of carsharing fleets and caravans result in congestion, emissions, and noise pollution. Inefficient parking already costs Germany €40.4 billion in wasted time, fuel and emissions. Add to that the need for a contactless experience during COVID-19 pandemic and the payment collection challenges, and you see that the parking lot operators have their work cut out for them.

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