Sensor and Actuator Integration

A.N. Solutions will help you integrate sensors and

actuators for your IoT solution.

Sensor-Actuator Integration

The value of any WSN network is in its control and monitoring capabilities, which depend on the sensors and actuators. A.N. Solutions will help you find the right components, integrate them into your devices, and ensure their optimal performance.

Scope of Services

  1. Consulting
    • Analysis of usage scenarios and operational conditions
    • Derivation of technological parameters such as required measurement accuracy and frequency
    • Elaboration of specifications
  2. Product Development
    • Selection of analog or digital sensors and actuators in line with demands and budget
    • Design of sensor-specific circuitry modules
    • Design and implementation of necessary hardware drivers and firmware function blocks
    • Compensation of non-linear sensor or system behavior
  3. Product Optimization/Extension
    • Evaluation and verification over extended ranges of environmental conditions
    • Cost-efficient calibration methods for high precision applications
    • Visualization and statistical processing of measurement data
    • Integration into existing IT infrastructure and databases

Application criteria to be considered

  • What should be measured and/or controlled?
  • Which physical values need to be obtained?
  • Technological boundary conditions
  • Available source of energy and power supply
  • Expected and targeted battery lifetime
  • Extreme environmental conditions (extended temperature ranges, condensation, acceleration, pressure, etc.)
  • Measurement range, resolutions, and accuracy
  • Data processing (visualization, statistical evaluation, etc.)
  • Existing IT infrastructure
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