Event Management Applications Using Wireless Networking

Start crafting a better and more memorable experience for the audience or customer with the potential of wireless sensing networks. Wireless networking can enhance live and recorded entertainment performances, provide alerts when changes are needed, and improve the experience of users at tradeshow booths and spaces, showroom spaces and more.

Use wireless sensor technology with IoT connected devices and mobile interfaces for secure relaying of Big Data for entertainment venues and tradeshows, taking performances to the next level and increasing engagement with audiences or connected consumers.

Enhanced visual effects for visitors

How Event Spaces Can Apply Wireless Networking and IoT

Entertainment locations, sporting events, theatrical performances and live concerts can offer more dynamic performances with wireless sensors and IoT. Even the most avid concert goer will be impressed with some of the possibilities that A.N. Solutions makes possible. Multiple stage hands, additional labor and building out a space may have made an envisioned experience cost-prohibitive in the past. However, our technologies reduce construction costs, support scene transitions and make for a safer experience for performers, presenters and anyone who may be setting up the space or providing a live experience for an audience. This is possible as integration with existing structures do not require physical alterations and information can be instantly transmitted to the cloud and the central systems, to then be conveyed to one or more select interfaces. How can our wireless sensor solutions be used in your event space?

Smart Equipment for Concert Performances

Wireless IoT network for events

A successful stage performance requires many different types of equipment, including audio, video, lighting, and more, all working with perfect precision. Safety comes first, however. Constant load monitoring is critical in order to avoid accidents and ensure safe and uninterrupted performance. A.N. Solutions enables a complete wireless load monitoring system by providing the building blocks. @ANY2400SC-3 RF modules are ideal for creating a robust wireless load monitoring solution consisting of a load control receiver with a monitor, and a number of wireless sensors. Thanks to @ANY2400SC-3 antenna diversity feature, these tiny wireless modules deliver reliable performance in a crowded RF environment and minimize the radio signal latency. Wireless load monitoring systems are flexible and easy to set up and take down, which makes them perfect for tour concerts, theatre performances, and many other on-stage events.

Smart Tracking for Sporting Events

Smart tracking for sporting events

Multiple athletes, animals or vehicles can be moving quickly and simultaneously on a field, track or raceway, making it hard to properly track and measure performance in real-time. IoT and wireless technologies can monitor and track individuals, animals or vehicles with a high degree of accuracy. Give fans what they want with our tracking solutions. Horserace betting is only one area in which wireless sensor technology has been used to improve the fan experience. Enhanced tracking capabilities allows for ranking, and derivatives such as speed, acceleration and more to be relayed in real-time to fans on the interface of their choice (TV, tablet or smartphone). Viewers can improve their experience by enjoying a personalized perspective of the race as it happens. Such technology can also be used for tracking, monitoring and the delivery of a tailored user experience for baseball, football, soccer, basketball, hockey, racetrack enthusiasts and more.

Enhanced Visual Experiences for Trade Shows

Any physical location can be outfitted with a wireless sensor device to create a more immersive customer experience and drive foot traffic. Do more to give visitors a best-in-class experience and differentiate a booth or space from the conventional offerings. Attract additional visitors and get people talking with a tradeshow experience supported by wireless technology from A.N. Solutions.

Wireless sensors can adapted for use on a variety of surfaces, with features that enable the engagement of a target audience. Wireless sensor technology combined with specialized software can enhance company visibility and leave a lasting impression on visitors. Sight is one of the basic ways people experience the world around them and being able to use shape, color and movement to reinvent a space and invite interaction is an easy way to create a more engaging and immersive experience for tradeshow booth participants. Looking to improve mobile displays or enhance 3-D animations? Contact our team at A.N. Solutions to learn more about the new possibilities available using wireless technology.

More Control and Responsiveness

Wireless control in a stadium

Use rich data and analytics for a more immersive and seamless experience. Entertainment and tradeshow venues can use wireless technology to monitor and track specialized gear and equipment, provide accurate data on a favorite player’s performance as events transpire, and enhance visual displays with changing colors, shapes or graphic elements. Use data for predictive analysis, to fine-tune future performances, and to provide a unique experience for customers, audiences and fans.

A.N. Solutions offers building blocks for scalable wireless sensing solutions that can be implemented in event space and tradeshow environments with ease and flexibility. Easy installation, minimal maintenance and seamless integration of features with new or existing networks are some of the benefits of working with A.N. Solutions to outfit a space. Do more with A.N. Solutions to provide a next-level experience today.

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