Nowadays, both the environmental concerns and the rising energy costs top the companies’ agendas around the world. The market leaders are going green by reducing the carbon footprint and implementing efficient energy management practices. You don’t need to be a multi-national to take advantage of the latest Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) technology and make your contribution to the cleaner environment, while improving your bottom line. A.N. Solutions offer easy-to-integrate wireless enabling components that can help you quickly implement an efficient energy management solution. Below are some of the areas where our solutions apply:

Smart Metering Solutions

WSN technology, based on IEEE802.15.4/ZigBee standards, is ideally suited for AMI requirements. Self-organizing, self-healing mesh networks facilitate 24x7 monitoring and control. The low power @ANY RF modules and USB dongles, powered by mesh networking firmware, can easily enable such networks. This is achieved largely because the @ANY 802.15.4/ZigBee modules combine chipsets, antenna, all the circuitry, and software in one easy-to-integrate package. @ANY modules’ industry-leading operating range reduces the number of wireless devices per network, further reducing the costs. When deployed, AMI systems can track usage on the fly, reduce consumption when circumstances dictate change, and share key energy information among customers, utility companies, and everyone in between. The end result is an eco-friendly new technology that achieves higher energy efficiency and substantial cost savings.

Residential meter reading is an extremely labor-intensive and time-consuming job that no one wants to do. It has been historically performed by the utility company staff who had to go out on-site and perform readings manually on a monthly basis. Customers, meanwhile, had to wait at home for a technician to arrive and take readings or perform the readings themselves. All that made the residential meter reading a major hassle for both utilities and customers. Despite all the time and efforts spent, this process failed to be as accurate as it should.

A leading Spanish system integrator has developed a fully-automated meter reading solutions using @ANY RF modules. The wirelessly enabled electricity, water and gas meters can work autonomously for more than 10 years on batteries and/or use solar power. Once in place, the meters send data automatically at preset time intervals. The data is aggregated and processed all automatically and convenient monthly reports are generated. Customers can now forget about all inconveniences and the utility has the most accurate information in real-time, while enjoying lower labor costs.

Solar Energy Harvesting

Alternative energy sources have never been so important, as in today’s world, over dependant on fossil fuels. A.N. Solutions is working with a leading German solution provider for solar thermal power plants seeking to maximize the plants’ efficiency. Solar power plants in part achieve their commercial solar energy production by connecting thousands of individual modular solar panels that rotate on an axis, tracking the sun from East to West to best capture solar energy. Nature’s simplest power source is nonetheless incredibly complex to harvest, requiring considerable coordination, maintenance and clockwork precision.

Enter the wireless sensor network. The solutions provider implemented thousands of @ANY RF modules to connect fixed objects throughout the solar thermal power plant, which then organized themselves into a self-healing mesh network. With the complex orchestration of power plant operations now united by a sophisticated wireless network, performance elevated to new levels of precision. Temperature control improved, maintenance burdens were eased, overall power plant efficiency improved and energy was saved. The implementation of WSN technology led to the increase of daily solar-to-net electric efficiency more than 20% during clear summer days.

Wind Energy Harvesting

Windmills are another important source of alternative energy. Complex wind parks have been built to harvest wind energy. Such wind parks, or wind farms, as they are also called, can have hundreds of turbines and span the area of hundreds of kilometers. The turbines rotate turning to an optimal angle in order to capture the maximum amount of wind power. Operating a wind park requires complex monitoring and precision control system in place.

A leading Germany-based solutions provider develops such systems. Using wireless links between the system elements offers clear advantages, however they must meet the toughest reliability requirements. A.N. Solutions provided the @ANY RF modules with the industry-leading range that ensures the stable links between the turbines. The network is self-organized and self-healing and is optimized for low power consumption. The reliable wireless network ensures round the clock monitoring and system management, and allows a more efficient operation, while reducing the maintenance costs.


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