A.N. Solutions applies the same modular approach in software, as it does in hardware. Various embedded software components are designed to interoperate seamlessly and can be easily mixed-and-matched depending on the exact needs of a client. The following @ANY software components are to be available:

@ANY Smart MAC Suite ("SMS") offers easy control of @ANY platform's functionality via AT commands supporting all IEEE 802.15.4-based functions, as well as facilitates the addition of numerous custom features

@ANY Smart MAC Suite ("SMS") provides a simplified, widely common communication interface using a standardized AT command set via the RS232 interface. It allows controlling the majority of @ANY platform features and enables flexible commissioning proceedings, as well as easy debugging and testing.

@ANY Smart MAC Suite ("SMS") -based examples allow to establish Peer-to-Peer (P2P) & Star networks with maximum supported data throughput up to 2Mbit/s for customized applications depending on selected hardware layer.

@ANY Smart MAC Suite ("SMS") is provided in 2 different versions, SMS Base and SMS Pro, which characteristics and features are fully adjusted to the main purpose of application and development

@ANY SMS Base version provides some basic functionality designed for simple network topologies and evaluation purposes. It can be used to set up Coordinator - End device (star, peer-to-peer) topologies which are used, for example, in basic Wireless Sensor Networks. Read more.

@ANY SMS Pro version facilitates development of complex applications and supports additional Tree topologies with static routing, based on IEEE 802.15.4 MAC layer, along with a number of versatile example applications. Moreover, SMS Pro provides additional features like data broadcasting and full function device functionality. The data redirect feature enables users to set up tree network topologies. Finally, SMS Pro is designated to be a code base for customer requested extensions. By utilizing the supplied library version, a developer can extend functionality by linking against his own C code. This provides maximum flexibility and enables integration of external host intelligence directly into @ANY module, support of additional sensors, and more. Read more.

• Both version will be complemented by @ANY SMS Monitor - a simple, user-friendly GUI for network monitoring, which is an example of an application-driven extension. A serial bootloader simplifies firmware upgrades. The possibility of making configuration data reads and writes through the serial interface further simplifies semi-automated device commissioning.

Mesh networking topologies supporting dynamic routing schemes based on IEEE 802.15.4 that are compliant to ZigBee® Pro, 6LoWPAN, as well as Wireless HART, can be implemented and customized on customer demand. Please refer to Customization section for more details.


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