@ANY Smart Mac Suite (SMS) Pro

@ANY Smart Mac Suite (SMS) Pro is an advanced version of SMS Base. SMS Pro implements support for data broadcasting, as well as full-function device capabilities. It has a built-in frame redirection feature that can be used to forward data to different network nodes. Using the latter feature allows to create Tree networks without host intelligence. Different routing algorithms that are outside of the scope of the SMS toolchain can be provided as part of customer-specific extensions.

@ANY Smart Mac Suite (SMS) Pro customizable embedded networking software tool, based on IEEE 802.15.4 standard, for IoT devices

@ANY SMS Pro version facilitates development of complex applications, and supports additional Tree topologies with static routing, as well as Mesh networks, based on IEEE 802.15.4 MAC layer, along with several versatile example applications. Moreover, SMS Pro provides additional features such as data broadcasting and full function device functionality. The data redirect feature enables users to set up Tree network topologies. Even Mesh topologies can be realized on demand utilizing the integrated LW-Mesh routing layer. Finally, SMS Pro is designated to be a code base for customer requested extensions. By utilizing the supplied library version on the AVR platform, a developer can extend functionality by linking against his own C code. This provides maximum flexibility, and enables integration of external host intelligence directly into @ANY module, support of additional sensors, and more.

@ANY SMS Pro features the following unique extensions & characteristics:

  • "Free Devices" are supported, enabling tree network topology.
  • Broadcasts (point-to-multipoint transmissions) supported.
  • Direct data transmission (acknowledged or unacknowledged) supported.
  • Indirect data transmission supported.
  • Frame redirection supported.
  • UART speed can be defined by customer.
  • More example applications included.

"Free Devices" allow to form more complex network structures. While SMS Base support Point-to-Point and Star networks, the availability of "Free Devices" in SMS Pro enables the setup of more advanced multi-hop tree-structured networks.

Peer-to-Peer Network
Star Network
Tree Network
Mesh Network
Feature Comparison Chart
Feature SMS Base SMS Pro
Peer-to-Peer Network
Star Network
Tree / Mesh Network
Frame Redirection
Temperature Sensor Support
GPIOs (8 in/output lines, 2 lines for input and event trigger)
Sleep Mode
Data Transmission (direct/indirect)
Data Transmission (acknowledged)
Data Transmission (unacknowledged, broadcast)
Library Version
Vendor Support

Software Modules

A.N. Solutions' Smart Mac Suite Base (SMS) Base embedded software tool for development of simple network topologies for IoT devices, based on IEEE802.15.4 standard

@ANY SMS Base offers some basic functionality and is designed for simple network topologies and evaluation purposes.

Development of hardware and software wrt customer demands

A.N. Solutions will help you determine, design, and implement a tailored wireless network system solution that fits your exact needs.

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