Wireless Devices

A.N. Solutions develops rugged and reliable

wireless hardware.

Hardware Development

Stay focused on your core competency, and let A.N. Solutions handle the design of your wireless hardware. We have the knowledge and experience, as well as the stellar team of engineers, to bring a fully tested and certified product to the market quickly and efficiently, providing full-cycle development services, from idea to mass production.

Scope of Services and Competencies

  1. Full-Cycle Hardware Development
    • Specification of functional building blocks
    • Selection of assembly components
    • Schematic design
    • PCB layout
    • Construction of mechanical parts, including front panel and housing
    • In-house prototyping, including printed circuit board (PCB) assembly, 3D printing, and CNC
  2. In-Depth Expertise In
    • Analog-, digital- and mixed-signal systems
    • PCBs with a large quantity of layers
    • Designs of high component density for the smallest installation spaces
    • Mixed-signal PCBs with separation of signals and power supply
    • Integration and adaption of existing systems
    • Battery-powered systems with long lifetime
  3. Core Competency In RF Design
    • Multi-frequency designs
    • RF-optimized designs conforming to regulatory standards
    • Design of RF structures such as PCB antennas
    • Simulation and measurement of RF components (RF near field measuring unit)
  4. State-Of-The Art Design Tools
    • Altium Designer
    • SolidWorks
    • PSpice

Application Criteria To Be Considered

  • Compiling requirement specifications together with our customers
  • Sensors/actuators to be integrated
  • Weight requirements
  • Extended temperature ranges
  • Battery lifetime
  • Radio coverage
  • Environmental requirements (mechanic stability, degree of IP protection, shock and vibration resistance)
  • Available installation space and mounting conditions
  • BoM optimizations, i.e. long-term availability of components, second sourcing.
  • Electromagnetic compliant design (FCC, ISEC, ARIB, RED)
  • REACH & RoHS conformity
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